Destination Weddings & Elopements

Do you dream of a unique wedding, filled with adventure and romance? Destination weddings and elopements offer a captivating alternative to traditional celebrations.

But what is it?

Destination Wedding :

A Destination Wedding is a ceremony that takes place far from the couple's usual place of residence. Whether you dream of getting married on an exotic beach, in a Moroccan riad, or on a Greek island, the possibilities are endless. These weddings offer a complete experience, combining the celebration of your love with the discovery of a new destination. Increasingly popular, they attract couples in search of a memorable and personalized experience, often surrounded by their loved ones to share this unforgettable moment.

Destination Wedding & Elopement : the romantic gataway

Elopement :

Elopement is a more intimate and spontaneous alternative to the traditional wedding. It's a decision made by the couple to marry secretly or in a very small group, often in a secluded or picturesque location, but also in the city. Elopement allows lovers to fully focus on their love and mutual commitment, without the distractions of a traditional celebration. Whether it's at the top of a cliff at sunrise, in the heart of an enchanted forest, or in a mysterious foreign city, elopement offers an authentic and deeply meaningful wedding experience.

Why choose a Destination Wedding or an Elopement ?

  • Intimate Experience: These weddings offer unparalleled intimacy, allowing the couple to focus on their mutual love and that of their closest family and friends.

  • Adventure and Exploration: Exploring a new destination together to create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds between you.

  • Total Customization: Unique venues and endless customization options allow couples to create a wedding that reflects their style and vision.

  • Less Stress, More Joy: By reducing the size of the event, you can focus on what really matters, without the stress associated with large weddings and their organization.

Whether you choose an extravagant destination wedding or an intimate elopement, these alternatives offer an unparalleled wedding experience, full of romance, adventure, and deep significance, to create the wedding of your dreams!

So... are you ready ?

If you're considering an alternative wedding, whether abroad or in France, I would be more than honored to be the photographer for your union!

Here is a list of countries where I dream of photographing a wedding or elopement. I have already had the chance to visit these countries that I love dearly, which is why I would love to work there now! If your destination is on my list, I would be happy to offer you a very advantageous rate for the photos of your union!

  • Greece

  • Morocco

  • Iceland

  • Italy

  • England or Ireland